Refresh / Upcycling of Clothes

Don't throw away old favourite pieces of clothing, they can have a new life :)

We all have beloved clothes in our wardrobe that we wouldn't give away for the world. Let me take a peek into your wardrobe and I'll tailor a unique fashion piece for you. I love to combine pieces of clothing until one new, completely extraordinary model is created.

You will feel great in your new Refresh garment.

How does Refresh / Upcycling work?

You can sort out from your wardrobe what no longer serves you and bring or deliver to my address in Prague or studio in Stříbrná Skalice. If necessary, I can also come to you by telephone agreement. We will go through your wardrobe together and choose what you don't wear. I will take the selected clothes to my workshop.

Then I will prepare a sketch of the new model, which we will agree together.

You will have your new Refresh garment ideally within 10 days :)

The price is individual for each model.